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lotr_plotbunny's Journal

Lord of the Rings Plot Bunnies
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What is the Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community?

The Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community is a help for fan fiction writers to plot, shape and write fan fictions. There are a lot of authors out there who have nowhere to turn with their latest plot bunny that just refuses to co-operate. Others don't know how to build a story, or need help with criticism. Maybe you get one or two plot bunnies a week and have no time to write them yourself, and as thus want to someone else to write them.

Who runs this place?

All six Plot Bunny Communities are maintained by the_plotbunny and tinuviel_reborn, who are not only fan fiction writers and great Lord of the Rings fans, but also two helpful and nice persons :)


The Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community is not affiliated with J.R.R. Tolkien, New Line Cinema, Rayner Unwin or anyone associated with the Tolkien's books. It is not endorsed by any of the aforementioned parties. Rights to the characters and their likenesses are neither claimed nor implied. No money is being made out of any of this.

Sister communities: aniga_plotbunny, hp_plotbunny, potc_plotbunny, sw_plotbunny and xmen_plotbunny.

#1 Feel free to post plot ideas, state if you need help with further plotting, story shaping or writing.
#2 Feel free to pimp your own WIPs.
#3 Always warn with rating, pairing, "kind of story"* and genre.
#4 Respect your fellow fan writers!
#5 Be polite**.
#6 No flaming, all kinds of stories are accepted.
#7 Do not spam the community.
#8 Do not pimp another community in the community journal.
#9 Strive to use correct grammar and spelling***.

Please don't TYpe LiKE ThiS aLL iN AssORTeD CAsEs , or LIKE THIS IN ALL CAPITAL LETERS. neither do i enjoy reading entries all in lower-case.

* Ie. Slash, het, gen.
** Sad I have to put this on the rules, but some people in fandom are not.
*** I will not kill you if you for instance misspelled miscellaneous, banana or diphtheria (recognised as hard to spell words), but no plz and "I luv U 2".

Anti-: To be against something
Book-verse: Writing based on the book(s)
Chan: Sexual situation(s) involving one or more minor(s)
Crossover: Mixing characters from one or several fandoms (ex. Harry and Ron find themselves in Lothlórien, or the Scooby Gang ends up on the Black Pearl)
Flaming: To rather verbally assult a writer or his/hers work because you disagree with it
Gen: A fan fiction that contains no sexual or overly graphic violence, as well as little cursing
Het: Heterosexual stories, m/f or f/m
MPreg: Male pregnancy
Movie-verse: Writing based on the movie(s)
Pimping/pimpin': To shamelessly advertise something (actual meaning: To supervise a prostitute)
Pro-: To be for something
Respect: To not jump down the throat of someone you disagree with
Slash: Homosexual stories, m/m or f/f
Spamming: To post the same, or equal, message numerous times within a small time space
TBC: Acronym for To Be Continued
TGM: Acronym for Teenage Girl Mentality
WIP: Acronym for Work In Progress

For more, and better definition look at Fan Fiction Dictionary -- Your Guide To Fanspeak by Megan Freeman, or Ashera's Archive Glossary.