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Hello everyone! I am new to this community.

I do need a little bit of help with one of my new fictions- if anyone can give me any links/information to the medicine used in M-e, diseases, and the hygeine of the Fellowship, it would be most appreciated :)

That is all I need for now (unless if anyone knows how to control about half a dozen plot-bunnies that won't behave? ;) )
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I'm working on a rather AU story right now. The idea is that Eowyn goes with Aragorn on the Paths of the Dead and accompanies him for the rest of the War of the Ring. So far my focus has been on going more in-depth on the Aragorn/Eowyn interaction than Tolkien does.
The problem? I'm not sure what effects this will have. What will change? I haven't decided what I'm going to do about Merry and the killing of the Witch King. I'd appreciate any ideas!

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Hi! I'm new (but its okay, I think this community might be new, too, so yay!)
I'm working on a fanfic, starring Legolas (although Gandalf is my favorite male charater) and, I'm just having a hard time writing his personality. Any helpful stuff to give me? please?
Here's what I think so far (a sort of description of him, I guess)

He's old, at least older than most of the Fellowship, so he's got *some* wisdom in that pretty head of his, but he's still young by his people's standards, so he's a lot less solemn and all "DOOM" than Elrond and Galadriel & Co. Also, he's got a wicked sense of humor, judging by how he and Gimli make a sport out of war. (not to say he isn't grieved by death...)
Anyway, that's all I got. Anyone else?
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The Mariner Plot Bunny...

What's up with this Company of Ten, or in some cases, Eleven? There is always a woman who is terrifyingly beautiful, in most cases elven, that joins the company and flirts shamelessly with Legolas or Aragorn (seldom Boromir, but it has happened). The poor sod has of course already fallen deeply in love with this woman, who most commonly is named Mary of Sue.

The Plot Bunny that invaded my poor head:
I will die a happy woman the day someone will write a story in which a mariner somehow meets the company on their way to the Morian mines, and the foreseeing Gandalf let's him/her join the company just for the fun of it. Then when Galadriel tells Legolas not to see the sea, because he will not be able to rest under beech nor elm if he do, he will try not to speak or see him/her at all. At least when he finally do see the sea he will marry him/her - if the mariner’s female have a hoard of half-elven kiddies - and they will live happily ever after.

Okay, too Mary Sue, but it would be an interesting story if someone managed to make it less obvious it is written for the romance and not the adventurous journey.

ETA: Now that I think more about this I guess Legolas could met that mariner down in the south year after the war, but that wouldn’t be as much for.
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An Introduction post for the Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community

Welcome to the Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community, I am The Plot Bunny, your friendly moderator and maintainer. Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have regarding anything related to the Plot Bunny Communities!

This is the official "opening post", so feel free to post :D

The purpose of this community has been stated numerous times by now in different communities, one of the advertisement posts can be found here in the "master account" for the Plot Bunny Communities. If you like to keep updated on what's going on with the different communities I suggest you keep the_plotbunny on your friends list.

As this is an introduction post I guess I'll have to repeat the communities purpose once again, seeing as that is what you write about in the first post of any community.

The purpose of the Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community, and all other Plot Bunny Communities I maintain, is to help fan fiction writers write good stories. The Lord of the Rings Plot Bunny Community is an open community, which means anyone can join, we're not elite as your maintainer doesn't believe in people shutting out people for invalid reasons. The community was created for fan writers who write Lord of the Rings fan fiction. Young or old, slasher or anti-slasher, canon fan or fanon fan, book fanatics as well as movie-verse people - as long as you write Lord of the Rings fan fictions, or tend to get Lord of the Rings plot bunnies you're more then welcome.

Here you can discuss your plot bunnies, get help with story shaping and plotting, pimp your fictions, and get inspired by your fellow writers. You are as a member encouraged to comment and add constructive criticism on other members ideas and fan fictions. No-one is perfect, we all strive to get better.

Please don't forget to warn about your post's content as there are a lot of fans who might not be into the same things as you. I am pro lj-cuts if your post is either long, or contains material other fans might find disturbing.

Remember to always be polite. "Thank you", "please" and "I'm sorry" are phrases that show your fellow members that you respect them. I'm not saying that you'll have to be overly polite, but please use them when the opportunity presents itself.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to either reply in either the community journal or my personal journal. You could also e-mail me at plotbunny[at]

~The Plot Bunny~